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Brian Patrick For Mableton

My Platform



Brian's Stance on Taxes in Mableton

"Those who voted for cityhood did so with the understanding that they would not have their taxes raised. Many of those who voted against cityhood did so out of concern of raised taxes. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of the inaugural government to deliver the city that was promised to Mableton residents. For this reason, if elected to represent District 4, I will be a firm "no" vote on the adoption of any policy, ordinance, or resolution that raises additional taxes on Mableton residents."

- Brian Patrick

Just as with any healthy business, effective government starts with proper management of your resources. I believe as taxpayers we deserve city representatives that understand it's our money and there is not and should not be an infinite amount of it spent. As your City Council representative I will make it my duty to ensure every tax dollar spent is done so intelligently and conservatively. I will focus on expanding the tax base not by raising unnecessary taxes on families, but through solutions and ordinances that generate increased business and economic activity throughout the city. . 


I believe that a beautiful and well maintained Mableton is the tide that "raises all ships". By being focused on the continued development of our community we can safeguard our neighborhoods, maintain our property values, and court desired commercial development. I believe this is done by our local government focusing on three developmental pillars:

  • Protecting The Beauty of Our Neighborhoods: Ensuring property owners and landlords uphold a high standard of maintenance on all residential and commercial properties. This includes reducing the number of vacant, boarded up, and/or dilapidated properties as well as working with waste management to reduce the amount of litter that is accumulating on our streets.

  • Investing In Our Public Services: A city is only as strong as it is safe. As Mableton grows, it is important that we invest in ordinances, code enforcement, and supplementary services that enable our families and businesses to maintain a happy and healthy existence. As your representative I will fight for initiatives that make our public spaces safe and those that create or support mental health programs. 

  • Redeveloping Our Commercial Spaces: A strong and diverse business community is vital to the economic health of any city. I've spoken to many residents during this campaign and regardless of how they feel about cityhood, they all agree Mableton needs more "fuel in our economic engine". With a lack of commercial retail, entertainment, and dining options we are forced to spend out hard earned money in other cities - and that hurts us. If elected, it is my goal to: 

    • Enforce Maintenance Ordinances: Mableton is suffering from far too many commercial spaces in need of their required upkeep. We need to enforce the ordinances we  have at our disposal to keep these from continuing to be a blight on our community. ​

    • Incentivize New Business Investment: With over 77,000 residents, Mableton is an great area for companies to invest in, but they won't simply arrive in Mableton because we want them to! We must create attractive incentives to entice sought after businesses to invest in, develop in, and bring jobs to Mableton. 


Our parks, trails, and the natural world around us truly are the "heart and soul" of Mableton and they are important for us to preserve for all the families living here today and all those who will live here in the future. 


As your representative in City Council it will be my job to do "the people's work". I pledge to always work for the residents of Mableton District 4 and to do so with the full transparency and communication that should be expected of a local public servant. This includes:

  • Keeping You Informed: Using this website as well as social media to inform and update District 04 residents on all matters discussed and up for votes within the City Council

  • Being Accessible: In order to properly speak for you a representative must first speak to you. I pledge to always be accessible to District 04 residents via phone, email, and social media to discuss the matters of our great city! 

Platform Questions

What is most important to accomplish in your first 30 days?

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